Aditi Chadha – Dazl

DAZL is an IoT (Internet of Things) platform for women that enables them to intelligently and conveniently manage their safety, health and daily communication. It consists of three unique components: a proprietary smart IoT module that powers fashion jewellery, a data-driven Smartphone App that links to fashion jewellery, and elegant fashion jewellery. ‘FashionTech’ – DAZL blends fashion with technology for easy adoption by women. The IoT module can be inserted inside fashion jewellery to make it intelligent. The DAZL collection consists of stylish bracelets and pendants that work alongside Android and iOS Apps. In the process DAZL also generates a lot of intelligent data


  • ClientRadiusTheme
  • Start Date09.01.2020
  • End Date18.09.2020