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IDEAS don’t get FUNDED
Startups with PAID users do!

In this 24-week course, our team will take you from validation to product-market fit aka making sure your idea has the potential to generate revenue. Using their modules, you will be able to set a company that gives a high- quality experience to your users, get revenue, build a resilient team and start preparing to get you funded!

This means more and more referrals, more acquired users, a bigger team, and a REAL STARTUP!

We will help answer your burning questions

How to get strangers to find and love your products?

How to do customer acquisition?

How to get your first paid users?

Who should I hire first on my team?

How to get ready for your first round of funding?

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$250,000 valuation in exchange for 2% equity

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A journey that covers knowledge & invites experts to talk about what matters most, all in a community setting that will hold you accountable.

Cool Quotient vs Need Quotient

If you have found a few users loving your product, that is really coolQ But how do you get from just being cool to something that everyone wants to have? Let’s build clarity on your value proposition and get your message in order.

Customer Acquisition AKA Marketing plan

How do you get from 100 to 10,000 users? The simple answer is with careful planning, making a strategy, and then implementing processes that work. Ads that are effective. Audience that brings referrals. So let’s just do that and forget the noise!

Building the dream team like a PRO

How many times have you tried to look for contractors, advisors, mentor templates? How many times have you asked, what is the best way to structure this business relationship?

Building a million $$ roadmap

What processes do you need to put in place to reach 100,000 or 10,000 paid users? How do you automate onboarding and improve the user experience?

Building a user retention engine

How do you retain and engage users once you get them on-board? How to get more and more referrals? How to build influencer relationships?

Branding and getting funding ready

Now that you have paid users, revenue and a spectacular team, Let’s build the ultimate branding to make some noise and get you funding ready.

Scalerath is a program developed in partnership with New Founder School (NFS), California, USA. The program would be managed by NFS.