Aishwarya Balaji

Serial Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

  • San Francisco

Aishwarya is a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur. She currently runs a startup consultancy that focuses on helping entrepreneurs build and scale successful companies that are aligned with their personal goals and is also an imperfection coach where she helps high achievers release perfectionist tendencies to lead fuller more satisfying lives. She previously built a wellness startup called Bystander, a platform that simplified wellness navigation and information discovery,y and prior to that she launched Impact Chain Lab, a blockchain innovation lab focused on global development. Aishwarya has also spent time as a global consultant for PwC working with fortune 500 clients on technology and security in the consumer products space. Aishwarya has given a TEDx and spoken around the world on various topics including wellness, self-growth, promoting women in technology, blockchain, entrepreneurship, and venture capital, and breaking down cultural barriers.